Stephen Bassett Executive Director Paradigm Research Group

With MAJIC Eyes Only Ryan Wood has made a major contribution not only to the study of extraterrestrial-related phenomena, but to exopolitics. The political and social implications of the technology embedded in the off-world craft recovered by several nations, including the United States, are almost beyond measure. The energy and propulsion systems behind the known performance characteristics of these vehicles could transform the human condition and reverse in less than a generation the environmental degradation taking place worldwide. Evidence mounts the United States government has re- or reverse-engineered this technology….

Robert Dean, Command Sergeant Major, United States Army

“MAJIC Eyes Only is an important and valuable contribution to the necessary research that hopefully and eventually will result in a more open and honest approach by our government to ‘the greatest story in human history.’ I have hopes that in time this subject will receive the respect it deserves from the fields of Academe. MAJIC Eyes Only should become a textbook for generations of young minds who will help us through the difficulties in becoming a truly cosmic society in the years ahead.” – Robert Dean, Command…